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100 day plan with Group 8020: Our story so far (part 1)

On August 29th covering , ,

My 100-day plan with Group 8020 continues to move along, and I’m understanding more about what it’s going to be.

Our story so far is this: I’ve got a bunch of projects, interests, and experiences that go outside of my traditional psychology/ psychoanalysis practice. This “other” category is called consulting — it’s applying what I’ve learned out in the world, not limited to the treatment or amelioration of emotional problems. Sort of a free-range application of psychology, psychoanalysis and everything else I’ve picked up along the way.

The mix has included a long-standing interest in musicians and music groups; group psychology; the world of work and business; the psychology of the performer, and the unconscious yearnings that drive all of these things. Read more »

what your band or team can learn from borderline personality disorder and group-house syndrome

On August 27th covering , , , ,

This study from Baylor has been making the rounds. I recommend watching the short videos in the sidebars. It’s a good study, even if I think the researchers miss the best implications.

They focus on one aspect of Borderline Personality Disorder: people with this condition have a very hard time judging what is fair in a give-and-take situation. They will often feel persecuted and deeply unsafe. They will genuinely feel they are getting the short end of the stick, even when others have made huge concessions. Others perceive them as hugely selfish.

My point is not to diagnose your bandmates or fellow hackers/entrepreneurs with a personality disorder, satisfying as that may be. If you don’t know what this disorder is, don’t worry. My point is to shed light on the group-house syndrome. Read more »

100 day plan with Group 8020: 81 days to go

On August 27th covering ,

Here’s something interesting. Mark has made a couple of predictions that I sort of think will come true even though I can’t see how they can.

At our first call, he mentioned offhand that his 100-day process tends to really gel around day 45… I take that to mean that it becomes clear what to do and how to go about it. The holy grail of this process is to locate a couple of things to emphasize to get me where I want to go.

This 45-day watershed is his personal observation, and I’m very interested in the patterns noticed by experts on the ground. For example, it’s just been discovered that cattle really do align themselves along a north-south line, as farmers and ranchers have known for a zillion years. (It’s alluded to in Tom Sawyer) Read more »

100 day plan with Group 8020: Picking up the momentum post-vacation

On August 26th covering ,

Returning to my normal life post-vacation, I want to note the progress with Mark Hollander’s 100-Day Plan. We spoke Friday before last.

Mark is helping me move forward by bringing focus to my efforts. This is what I need the most, as I have more ideas than I can realistically execute. It also seems to be a knack of his. This doesn’t entirely feel good — since he’s a quick and creative guy, it’s easy to move quickly in the conversation and get a lot of ideas. He will pluck out one thread of the conversation and just advise that I table everything else. This is oddly difficult to do — just as a bad, verbose writer can’t stand to edit out the superfluous, flowery verbiage and reduce the prose to its main essentials, I have difficulty letting go of my distracting notions. I find myself rebelling a bit and consider writing the academic article he warned me to back-burner, just out of spite. But part of the experiment is to see what I learn by allowing Mark to focus my efforts. My wild-hair notions will alway be there. Read more »

“friends” and friends

On August 9th covering

In the age of social networking, we need finer gradations of the concept of friend. Here’s Kevin Kelly’s.

Mine is this: A friend will help you move. A good friend will help you move a dead body. How often do you find that on Facebook?