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100 day plan with Group 8020: 72 days to go

On September 7th covering , ,

It’s been an interesting time in my 100-day process. Over the last week and a half it’s been much clearer to me what I’m trying to accomplish. The homework has gotten much more concrete and specific with respect to defining what I’m offering and what kinds of organizations would be the best fit for my skills.

This comes dangerously close to developing what I’ve lacked all along — a strategy for marketing. We psychologists are pretty terrible at this part, which is not an awful thing for the most part. If people have depression or anxiety or they’re repeating the same relationship problems over and over, eventually they’re going to know to ask around and find a good psychologist. Read more »

Chef Gordon Ramsay: organizational psychologist

On September 6th covering , ,

Here I confess one of my junk-food type indulgences. I’ve enjoyed the “reality” show featuring Chef Gordon Ramsay. Not the silly competition one — the one where he visits a restaurant in trouble and turns it around.

Never mind the foul-mouthed tough-guy persona. I’m impressed with how the show presents a case study in consultation. In each episode, the case is presented of a foundering restaurant. The consultant comes in and makes a rapid assessment. There is a tense meeting where he presents his diagnosis and treatment plan. He encounters resistance and overcomes it, and there is a happy ending (usually). Read more »

yay daydreaming

On September 2nd covering

On the first day of school, here’s a little something for all of my teachers who needled me to stop daydreaming. (I wanted to say “so say something interesting, then” but it might not have gone well.)

100 day plan with Group 8020: 79 days to go

On August 31st covering ,

This is the “Finding my 20%” phase. The process is starting to cook. It’s getting harder to write about, I think because it is pushing up against some things I’ve been resisting for a long time.

We’re getting into a crucial part of the program. The question “what is the 20% of your efforts that produce 80% of your results” is tough. I’m comfortable with the idea in the abstract, but when it comes down to it my reaction is “Now? You want me to decide now?” As a recovering graduate student, my impulse is to go read three more books. Read more »

100 day plan with Group 8020: Our story so far (part 2)

On August 29th covering ,

I’m still reviewing our work so far.

Group 8020 describes their 100-day process as containing five stages:

  1. Map the business ecosystem
  2. Find your leverage. What is the 20% that will drive 80% of the results?
  3. Create a Project Plan that passes the common-sense test
  4. Execute with guidance
  5. Soft launch with metrics

We’re begining the second stage now.

The name of the first stage didn’t mean much to me. In practice, it was a very focused and thorough review of what I’ve got going on, what my inner and outer resources are and what I really want. It called upon me to be decisive and clear. Read more »