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100 day plan with Group 8020: Picking up the momentum post-vacation

On August 26th covering ,

Returning to my normal life post-vacation, I want to note the progress with Mark Hollander’s 100-Day Plan. We spoke Friday before last.

Mark is helping me move forward by bringing focus to my efforts. This is what I need the most, as I have more ideas than I can realistically execute. It also seems to be a knack of his. This doesn’t entirely feel good — since he’s a quick and creative guy, it’s easy to move quickly in the conversation and get a lot of ideas. He will pluck out one thread of the conversation and just advise that I table everything else. This is oddly difficult to do — just as a bad, verbose writer can’t stand to edit out the superfluous, flowery verbiage and reduce the prose to its main essentials, I have difficulty letting go of my distracting notions. I find myself rebelling a bit and consider writing the academic article he warned me to back-burner, just out of spite. But part of the experiment is to see what I learn by allowing Mark to focus my efforts. My wild-hair notions will alway be there.

The homework isn’t easy, but it’s quick and brings a lot of clarity. I like how there’s no wasted effort. I’ll say more about this later in the week. Gotta keep moving here.

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