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100 day plan with Group 8020: 81 days to go

On August 27th covering ,

Here’s something interesting. Mark has made a couple of predictions that I sort of think will come true even though I can’t see how they can.

At our first call, he mentioned offhand that his 100-day process tends to really gel around day 45… I take that to mean that it becomes clear what to do and how to go about it. The holy grail of this process is to locate a couple of things to emphasize to get me where I want to go.

This 45-day watershed is his personal observation, and I’m very interested in the patterns noticed by experts on the ground. For example, it’s just been discovered that cattle really do align themselves along a north-south line, as farmers and ranchers have known for a zillion years. (It’s alluded to in Tom Sawyer)

So, I’ll be very happy to find out if this extra clarity and focus really starts to cook around day 45, though I don’t see how it can happen from here. That’s a little over 3 weeks from now. It would be a great research project to drill down into what happens around the 45-day mark.

His other prediction is more short-term — he tells me that we’re ready to find my “leverage” … “the one or two things you can do that will deliver results the fastest”. I believe he knows what he’s referring to, though I don’t see it. We’ve quickly reviewed all of the things I’m interested in and what I want to do, and I’m confident he’s understood it all, but as a flowchart it still looks like a bowl of spaghetti to me.

So I’m very interested to see how this can happen. I’m just going to stick to the process and keep you posted.

Oh another thing — he said something very blunt and challenging with respect to my goal: that it’s either achieve [X] by [Y date] or don’t do it at all. This was a bit of a shock, but it forces me to choose to accept his throw-down or not. The genius of the 80/20 method is to not do all the things that aren’t worth doing. I like the existential sharpness of this.

I suppose he calls his company 8020 because shitorgetoffthepot.com is taken. (Yes, it is).

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