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100 day plan with Group 8020: Kickoff

On August 9th covering ,

I had my first phone meeting with Group 8020’s Mark Hollander yesterday. I’m blogging this to reflect on the process in real time, to learn about the consulting/coaching process as well as to discern what Mark’s special sauce might be. Isn’t that what a lot of it’s about? We all need to discover our special sauce. (Let us not dwell on this vaguely disgusting metaphor too closely).


I won’t be regurgitating the details here. We covered a lot of ground rapidly, reviewing my situation and rapidly agreeing on some big goals. Mark’s diagnostic process is quick and direct, though somehow not superficial. It’s more in the clarifying spirit of let’s-not-ignore-the-obvious.

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100 day plan with Group 8020: t-minus 3:10

On August 8th covering , ,

Today is the launch of my 100-day push. Mark Hollander sent me a countdown clock with the Group 8020 logo emblazoned. It’s pre-programmed with 100 days and during my phone meeting with Mark today we will ceremonially push start together. I do not know if he will strike a gong or send me out to get a tattoo to commemorate the moment.

I like the clarifying simplicity of this little gizmo. It’s the instantiation of existential reality. We don’t have forever. Better get to it.

I’ve made a place for it among the nest of totems beneath my monitor: Read more »

the cult of Y Combinator? I think not.

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Y Combinator is a Venture Capital group led by Paul Graham. It’s named after a mathematical function that I can’t come close to understanding. Something to do with recursion, I gather, probably an inside joke for LISP programmers. They provide seed money for tech startups — small amounts that allows them to do the initial work that will attract larger funding.

More importantly, they ask their sponsored groups move to Cambridge or the Bay Area for an intense 3-month sprint (they don’t like calling it a boot camp) where they receive lots of mentoring and work like their very lives depend on it. Read more »

100 day plan with Group 8020 (further ruminations)

On August 2nd covering , ,

This is the interesting part for me: Where there’s this wonderful interplay of content and process.

Part of the project is to understand, as a participant-observer, what’s so effective about Mark’s 100-day plan. It will necessitate my being relatively transparent about my experience, in blog form, which definitely is out of my comfort zone. There’s a wonderful freeing humility in saying “I can’t do this by myself”. There are many threads to this.

Because Mark is a consultant as well and I’ll have the experience from the perspective of the client, it’ll help me understand more about how to offer my value to the people & organizations to whom I want to make myself useful. Read more »

100 day plan with Group 8020 (Part 1 of many)

On August 2nd covering , ,

This should interest you if you have any change in your life you’ve been trying to accomplish — I’m trying to avoid the phrase “making your dreams come true” but there I’ve said it.

So this is the deal. I’ve had a private clinical practice for 15 years now, and I worked in various clinics and university settings for some years before that. All along I’ve been accumulating interest, experience and training in doing consulting work. I define consulting work as using my knowledge, skills and expertise as a psychoanalyst and psychologist for anything other than psychotherapy. It’s a big universe when you think of it that way. I’ve done some consulting projects here and there, but I haven’t yet really gotten my consulting practice up and going as a regular thing. (The busy clinical practice has been one complication). Read more »