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100 day plan with Group 8020: Our story so far (part 1)

On August 29th covering , ,

My 100-day plan with Group 8020 continues to move along, and I’m understanding more about what it’s going to be.

Our story so far is this: I’ve got a bunch of projects, interests, and experiences that go outside of my traditional psychology/ psychoanalysis practice. This “other” category is called consulting — it’s applying what I’ve learned out in the world, not limited to the treatment or amelioration of emotional problems. Sort of a free-range application of psychology, psychoanalysis and everything else I’ve picked up along the way.

The mix has included a long-standing interest in musicians and music groups; group psychology; the world of work and business; the psychology of the performer, and the unconscious yearnings that drive all of these things.

Rather than a grab-bag of ad hoc projects, half-written articles, and random efforts at speaking and writing, I want to put these things together under a more formalized consulting practice.

So I have all of my interests, and dues-paying time in the trenches as a psychologist, like my 11 years of college mental health work, and my psychoanalytic training which has helped me understand people in depth, and my training and study of organizations and consulting psychology. There’s my past life as a professional musician and my time working in large and small organizations. And so on.

There are a million things I want to do with all of this. I’d been thinking about doing organizational consultation to chamber music groups and bands for years before I met Phil Towle and realized that people actually do this. I’ve realized that bands and businesses have a lot to learn from one another. Since one of the biggest things that creates failure in music groups and businesses is the human factor — group psychology, morale, personality problems and conflict — I’m interested in specializing in this. I’ve had some projects but I’ve felt my efforts have been too diffuse.

So the Group 8020 process is supposed to help me take a great pile of stuff, the detritus of 25 year’s worth of professional experiences and interests and the meanderings of a curious and unruly mind, and find order and direction. I have more clarity already, but I still don’t know how all of it’s going to work.

next: the 8020 process so far….

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