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It works pretty well.

It’s not dead ….

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it’s only resting.


“….the therapy is working. We’re still a band.”

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The band Machine Head has gone public with its rather sensibly making use of Oakland therapist Suzanne Slyman to help with the working relationship between frontman Robb Flynn and bassist Adam Duce.

The remarkable thing about this is that it’s not done more often. In any normal business, using a consultant or mediator is an absolutely ordinary thing. If there is a personality conflict that threatens the operations of Apple or Nextel (to pick a couple of serious companies at random) you can bet they will avail themselves of consultation and help — perhaps from this guy. They can’t afford not to — the stakes are so high. Read more »

when I’m quiet, it means I’m thinking……

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best review ever

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Via Kottke I have discovered spaghetti book club, which features book reviews by children. I happened on this review of Alice in Wonderland that contains the killer line

Another reason why I enjoyed reading this book is because it taught me not to be afraid of dreaming

which pretty much made my day. If an artist helps us not be afraid of dreaming, they’ve done their job.