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meetings with extraordinary men and women

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I returned from the CMJ Music Marathon where I was immersed in the pragmatics and problems of the indie-band life, and went straight into a 3-day seminar at the Kennedy Center on boards of nonprofit arts organizations. I have so much to talk about I don’t know where to start.

The central thing this is all about is creating a structure that supports creativity. That’s it. Either an organizational structure, a business model or a way of working.

I have some gems to share from far-seeing luminaries as diverse as George Clinton, True Master and Michael Kaiser.


Reflections of a Y Combinator Dropout

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I just want to point to this fine memoir of someone whose startup failed to thrive in the non-cult known as Y combinator.

It’s valuable for the emphasis on the functioning of the team as make-or-break — a factor that can make all the other factors irrelevant.

I’m tempted to write a long meditation on Orian Marx‘s essay — but it’s well through out and written and I’d rather let him tell it.

MusiCares & dental clinic for DC musicians Nov 12

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My conversations with people in the music industry often remind me of just how tough it is. The MusiCares Foundation helps out musicians who need help in all sorts of ways. Today I was speaking with Dee Dee Acquisto, Director for Health & Human Services for MusiCares, and she told me about a free dental clinic for musicians coming up in the DC area, my neck of the woods.

I bet your reaction is similar to mine: (1) how great it is they are doing this (2) ouch — that it’s necessary.

As you might imagine, the demand for help from MusiCares is very high these days. They do good work and deserve our support. Read more »

100 Day plan with group 8020: too busy to talk now

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I have been maintaining the conceit that I am blogging this process in case it is of interest to a general reader, someone who is used to the frustrations and pleasures of launching a new enterprise or project. These are frequently the people to whom I find myself consulting. In this case, I am the client and Group 8020 is helping me launch my new thing.

I don’t expect anyone to care about the particulars of me or my little project. I’m blogging this in hopes of glimpsing something universal and hence interesting. Mark Hollander and Group 8020 have a way of facilitating progress that is very interesting to me. It combines structure and flexibility with a fine touch. As someone in the business of removing obstacles to growth and change, I find this interesting. Read more »

admitting you’re a musician

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One cannot help but be moved by the courage of this message.