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Reflections of a Y Combinator Dropout

On October 15th covering , , , ,

I just want to point to this fine memoir of someone whose startup failed to thrive in the non-cult known as Y combinator.

It’s valuable for the emphasis on the functioning of the team as make-or-break — a factor that can make all the other factors irrelevant.

I’m tempted to write a long meditation on Orian Marx‘s essay — but it’s well through out and written and I’d rather let him tell it.

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Orian Marx

Oct 16 at 1:39


Thanks for the link! I just posted a follow-up that reflects on reaction from the YC community after posting on their forum. There has been a lot of interesting reactions.

Discussions of YC as a cult are interesting. I don’t think it is a cult at all, but there is a reverence for Paul Graham that can sometime be a bit scary. This was something I discussed with my partners, who had been reading his work a long time before I did, and they got pretty pissed off about it (not to mention when I disagreed with him about how to resolve our partner disputes). So, while I do not believe YC in any way is a cult, it does seem to generate some cult-ish behavior.

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