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On November 28th

This is a test of the upload function form macjournal.

It works pretty well.

It’s not dead ….

On June 9th covering

it’s only resting.


when I’m quiet, it means I’m thinking……

On April 16th covering

best review ever

On April 1st covering

Via Kottke I have discovered spaghetti book club, which features book reviews by children. I happened on this review of Alice in Wonderland that contains the killer line

Another reason why I enjoyed reading this book is because it taught me not to be afraid of dreaming

which pretty much made my day. If an artist helps us not be afraid of dreaming, they’ve done their job.

Heroes: the tour manager

On March 24th covering ,

This vignette of Amanda Palmer‘s tour manager, Katie Kay, gives a glimpse of the one of the unsung heroes of the performing universe. More power to you, Ms. Kay.