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this just in: it helps to put your feelings into words

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When did it happen that nothing we know about human nature counts until a brain researcher says so? This article reports on, to be sure, an interesting and worthwhile study. What we know about the mind from the inside (through psychoanalysis and all the rest) is converging with what we know about the brain from the outside — and that is really something.

BUT, it seems that the brain researchers have become the go-to explainers of human nature in a way that can be strained and ridiculous. I notice my patients seem to increasingly talk about one part of their “brain” feeling or doing something — when they’re really using “brain” as a metaphor for “mind” — because they’re talking about how they experience their mental life, not about how the hardware is configured. Read more »

losing the plot

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I haven’t lost interest in this blog — au contraire, I’ve been thinking about it every day. I’ve lost the definition of what the damn thing is about. It’s at risk for becoming about everything I happen to find interesting.

The only solution is to write one thing at a time and trust it will have coherence in retrospect. This is being said by a guy who has four different browsers open at once. Not windows, browsers.

Happy 100th Elliott Carter

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I should have taken the day off celebrate Mr. Carter, who turns 100 today and is still composing. Enjoy the big day.

psychoanalysts condemn Prop 8

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I’m glad my professional association (one of them, anyway) has made a forceful statement condemning California’s Proposition 8. Here’s the press release titled Psychoanalysts Censure California’s Vote to Ban Same-Sex Marriage.

Here’s the previously existing position statement on the issue overall. Well put.

UPDATE: Where is the American Psychological Association? if there’s a statement on Prop 8 I can’t find it. (There’s this, a general statement on homosexuality). Another reason I like to say I’m a psychoanalyst-who’s-also-a-psychologist rather than the other way around.

Happy Birthday, Joni

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Here’s Joni Mitchell’s contribution to the conundrum of a business model for music. She was born on this date in 1943 in Alberta, Canada. Salut!