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100 Day plan with group 8020: too busy to talk now

On October 13th covering , ,

I have been maintaining the conceit that I am blogging this process in case it is of interest to a general reader, someone who is used to the frustrations and pleasures of launching a new enterprise or project. These are frequently the people to whom I find myself consulting. In this case, I am the client and Group 8020 is helping me launch my new thing.

I don’t expect anyone to care about the particulars of me or my little project. I’m blogging this in hopes of glimpsing something universal and hence interesting. Mark Hollander and Group 8020 have a way of facilitating progress that is very interesting to me. It combines structure and flexibility with a fine touch. As someone in the business of removing obstacles to growth and change, I find this interesting.

Right now, I’ve gotten enough clarity about what I’m doing that I am really busy doing it. I can’t expect anyone but me would care about the details of what I’m doing, so I’ll spare you. I’ll say more soon.

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