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100 day plan with Group 8020: 72 days to go

On September 7th covering , ,

It’s been an interesting time in my 100-day process. Over the last week and a half it’s been much clearer to me what I’m trying to accomplish. The homework has gotten much more concrete and specific with respect to defining what I’m offering and what kinds of organizations would be the best fit for my skills.

This comes dangerously close to developing what I’ve lacked all along — a strategy for marketing. We psychologists are pretty terrible at this part, which is not an awful thing for the most part. If people have depression or anxiety or they’re repeating the same relationship problems over and over, eventually they’re going to know to ask around and find a good psychologist.

But what I’m offering is a bit unusual. Although there are enough psychologists doing organizational and business consulting that it’s not exotic, and I know for a fact that people in music ensembles are constantly struggling to deal with the conflicts and the difficulty of keeping their thing together. I know that artist managers and some entertainment attorneys are always doing CPR on their groups. But they don’t know to call me. Our mission is to help people learn this valuable bit of information.

I was telling Mark that I feel we’ve built most of a bridge — that there are a couple of big sections of roadway to lower into place before we reach the others side. It’s exciting how fast this is coming together.

I’m finally clear enough about this thing that I can develop a web site to describe it. It will be at workingthrough.com soon and the blog will be at workingthrough.com/blog .

I’ll keep you posted.

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