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100 day plan with Group 8020: Our story so far (part 2)

On August 29th covering ,

I’m still reviewing our work so far.

Group 8020 describes their 100-day process as containing five stages:

  1. Map the business ecosystem
  2. Find your leverage. What is the 20% that will drive 80% of the results?
  3. Create a Project Plan that passes the common-sense test
  4. Execute with guidance
  5. Soft launch with metrics

We’re begining the second stage now.

The name of the first stage didn’t mean much to me. In practice, it was a very focused and thorough review of what I’ve got going on, what my inner and outer resources are and what I really want. It called upon me to be decisive and clear.

I found this part to be more art than science … Mark was very keen at helping me find a coherent theme in my interests and defining a goal. I found it very liberating to find the central core of what I’m trying to do. It is also much more scary to commit to taking action as opposed to being in the eternal pipe-dream stage. There are a lot of things I want to do and they were put through the filter of “will this help you achieve this goal in the next few months?” This was a little rough — but it’s what the word “priority” means.

There is a paradox of going-fast-by-going-slowly. Mark helped me cool it and just follow the process one step at a time — I dropped some writing, research, networking, etc which made me uneasy — but I made a lot of progress in just a couple of weeks. My goal is just to have the consulting practice up on its feet in an ongoing way, as opposed to the more fitful project-by-project existence it’s had so far. It was a shock to find so much clarity so fast. I think I’d call this phase something else. Maybe just “assessment”.

So this takes us to today’s phone call, which begins phase 2. The “find the 20% that will drive 80% of the results” sounds like good advice, but a little too much like “pick only the stocks that will go up”. We’ll see how it goes.

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