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100 day plan with Group 8020: t-minus 3:10

On August 8th covering , ,

Today is the launch of my 100-day push. Mark Hollander sent me a countdown clock with the Group 8020 logo emblazoned. It’s pre-programmed with 100 days and during my phone meeting with Mark today we will ceremonially push start together. I do not know if he will strike a gong or send me out to get a tattoo to commemorate the moment.

I like the clarifying simplicity of this little gizmo. It’s the instantiation of existential reality. We don’t have forever. Better get to it.

I’ve made a place for it among the nest of totems beneath my monitor:


I don’t know quite what to expect. I’ve done a bunch of writing on the shared writeboard on Mark’s server. Some of it may be helpful to orient Mark to our shared task, but all of it was to organize my thoughts. I’ll keep you posted.

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