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100 day plan with Group 8020 (Part 1 of many)

On August 2nd covering , ,

This should interest you if you have any change in your life you’ve been trying to accomplish — I’m trying to avoid the phrase “making your dreams come true” but there I’ve said it.

So this is the deal. I’ve had a private clinical practice for 15 years now, and I worked in various clinics and university settings for some years before that. All along I’ve been accumulating interest, experience and training in doing consulting work. I define consulting work as using my knowledge, skills and expertise as a psychoanalyst and psychologist for anything other than psychotherapy. It’s a big universe when you think of it that way. I’ve done some consulting projects here and there, but I haven’t yet really gotten my consulting practice up and going as a regular thing. (The busy clinical practice has been one complication).

One occupational disease of psychologists is the tendency to make endless preparation and education an obstacle to feeling competent to do the thing you want to do. After speaking with many colleagues and others, I’ve concluded that I’m actually rather over-prepared for this. I’m way overdue for a full-on launch. C’est en forgeant qu’on devient forgeron — “it is by blacksmithing that one becomes a blacksmith”.

This is where Mark Hollander comes in. His thing is creating a 100-day plan for implementing change for executives and organizations. He does a lot more than create the plan — he provides intensive support, coaching, and finely calibrated ass-kicking. He’s going to be working with me on my own 100-day plan to get the consulting practice up on its feet.

I’ll be blogging it as we go. The plan is to be a participant observer, to possibly articulate what makes this approach so successful for Mark’s clients. Please come along for the ride.

I think DAY ONE, or DAY 100 if we’re counting down, will be next Friday, August 8. So we’re in the pre-countdown countdown.

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