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losing the plot

On January 13th covering

I haven’t lost interest in this blog — au contraire, I’ve been thinking about it every day. I’ve lost the definition of what the damn thing is about. It’s at risk for becoming about everything I happen to find interesting.

The only solution is to write one thing at a time and trust it will have coherence in retrospect. This is being said by a guy who has four different browsers open at once. Not windows, browsers.

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Ian Miller

Jan 15 at 10:13


Looking just at the tag cloud, you’ve got an enormous range to work with: curate it (as Annette C. would say); or compose it (as Mary Bateson would have it): its closer to music. I’ve been writing alot on the necessity to curate life: and blog recapitulates life: right?

Mark Hollander

Jan 19 at 13:12


Finding everything interesting is the curse of the eclectic mind. Finding focus in a medium that demands pigeon-holing makes things worse.

If Daniel Pink in his book “A Whole New MInd” is right – specialization is less valuable than the ability to synthesize meaning– then your blog is about what is means to be creative and profitable at the same time. Which is why I subscribe to your feed.

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