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funding a band like a tech startup

On September 24th covering , ,

It was bound to happen. I’ve been noticing the similarities between bands and startups as self-led creative teams. This item describes a band taking funding from an Angel Investor in return for 30% of future revenue.

This is a way of replacing one role of the record label, which was a source of funding during the formative days. It could go either way.

My question is whether the angel investors are competent to predict the success of a band — or whether they are dabbling in this as a high-risk hobby investment, the way some people invest in Broadway plays. Read more »

100 Day plan with group 8020: in the thick of things on day 52

On September 24th covering ,

It’s getting harder to blog the process as it’s started to really cook. Not only am I a lot busier — it’s just harder to describe in fewer than 5000 words.

The process has given me much greater focus and confidence about my consulting projects and aspirations. It’s helped gather up a lot of little piecemeal activities and interests and shown me that it adds up to a coherent whole. Quite a surprise. My mental picture of my big closet of projects was like something out of Wall-E.

But it’s very clear. I’m about a very practical application of deep psychological understanding. I’m interested in people who are at the edge of having to invent their way forward — which bridges music, technology and entrepreneurship. I like helping people remove obstacles to getting what they want, and i appreciate how deeply-set and profound these obstacles can be. I’ve always been interested in the psychology of groups, which is where human perversity can be displayed in all its glory. Read more »

Congratulations to Alex Ross & Miguel Zenón

On September 23rd covering

Music critic and historian Alex Ross has just been announced as a 2008 MacArthur fellow. His book and blog The Rest Is Noise makes the most sense of the 20th century so far. I recommend it to everyone. Good for him.

Furthermore, saxophonist Miguel Zenón is also named as a fellow fellow. Another win for the good guys.

Blog: what you don’t know you know

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My colleague Kenneth Eisold has a blog.

New look, new web site: it’s OK to ask for help

On September 22nd covering

Welcome to my relaunch. I’ve developed a site at to describe my better-defined consulting activities, and moved the blog to

The smartest thing I did was to admit I needed help. It would have been fun for me to develop the site myself and spend my weekends reading manuals and FAQ’s and pushing buttons on the WordPress machine. But I didn’t need a hobby, I needed a functioning site.

The other smart thing I did was to contact the guy who wrote the WordPress theme I was using before. I like his clean and spare designs. Fortunately he was available for this project, so I hired him on as my Latvian Web Ninja and he has far exceeded expectations. We’ve done everything via email — we were going to talk via Skype but there hasn’t been a need. He’s been a fast worker and a clear communicator. (Since people ask me about this, I’ll add that his English is great). It’s been stunning how fast this has come together. Read more »