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New look, new web site: it’s OK to ask for help

On September 22nd covering

Welcome to my relaunch. I’ve developed a site at workingthrough.com to describe my better-defined consulting activities, and moved the blog to workingthrough.com/blog.

The smartest thing I did was to admit I needed help. It would have been fun for me to develop the site myself and spend my weekends reading manuals and FAQ’s and pushing buttons on the WordPress machine. But I didn’t need a hobby, I needed a functioning site.

The other smart thing I did was to contact the guy who wrote the WordPress theme I was using before. I like his clean and spare designs. Fortunately he was available for this project, so I hired him on as my Latvian Web Ninja and he has far exceeded expectations. We’ve done everything via email — we were going to talk via Skype but there hasn’t been a need. He’s been a fast worker and a clear communicator. (Since people ask me about this, I’ll add that his English is great). It’s been stunning how fast this has come together.

It’s a cliche, but true: things get better when we ask for help.

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