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100 Day plan with group 8020: in the thick of things on day 52

On September 24th covering ,

It’s getting harder to blog the process as it’s started to really cook. Not only am I a lot busier — it’s just harder to describe in fewer than 5000 words.

The process has given me much greater focus and confidence about my consulting projects and aspirations. It’s helped gather up a lot of little piecemeal activities and interests and shown me that it adds up to a coherent whole. Quite a surprise. My mental picture of my big closet of projects was like something out of Wall-E.

But it’s very clear. I’m about a very practical application of deep psychological understanding. I’m interested in people who are at the edge of having to invent their way forward — which bridges music, technology and entrepreneurship. I like helping people remove obstacles to getting what they want, and i appreciate how deeply-set and profound these obstacles can be. I’ve always been interested in the psychology of groups, which is where human perversity can be displayed in all its glory.

And I love applying what I have learned in one domain to another domain. This means realizing that what I have learned about music groups is largely true about startups. Or finding a way to apply my hard-won deep education in human nature, which I acquired mostly in through psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, out in the world. This is the fun part for me.

The 8020 process is wonderfully paradoxical — a linear way of doing a nonlinear thing. It begins as a fairly structured method that begins at point A and proceeds through points B, C, D. It rapidly becomes clearer what to focus on and what to put on the shelf. This frees up time and energy to make it all doable. But as we methodically plug along, there are these leaps of insight and flashes of clarity — the exact things that you can’t plan, except it was the plan that made them possible. Awesome.

So this has all made it a hell of a lot easier to explain what I do out in the world — when I talk to tech types or musicians about what I’ve got to offer them.

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