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Sophocles is alive and well and writing for the British tabloids

On January 11th 1 Comment covering

As evidenced by this story on twins separated at birth who discovered their familial bond after … marrying

UPDATE: It’s not just in the tabloids.

FURTHER UPDATE: If you were skeptical of this story from the beginning, you seem to have been right.

Back in the saddle 2008

On January 1st covering

Best wishes all around for the new year. I’ve been neglecting the blog along with everything else, but I’ve been thinking about it. I’ve got a bunch of projects I’ll be rolling out in the the new year, all pertaining to the psychodyamics of music groups. Stay tuned.

Why am I interested in how record deals work?

On December 19th 1 Comment covering

Because they seem better than dealing with insurance companies.

Welcome Music Connection readers

On December 14th 1 Comment covering ,

My article Leadership, Conflict & Teamwork: Building A Band To Go The Distance is now up on the Music Connection website. I’ve started getting some traffic from the article already.

Look for the special 30th anniversary issue on the newstand. I would be very pleased to hear from you. There is so much more to be said on the topic — this is just scratching the surface.

Oh, yeah, the psychoanalysis

On December 12th covering

I am writing more freely about the music world than the psychoanalytic world. There’s a reason for this. I spend my days doing psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, mostly, and when I have an observation to talk about I need to be enormously careful about sharing it in a way that doesn’t remotely compromise anyone’s privacy. And when I can’t be sure about this, I keep it under my hat. Whereas writing about Radiohead or Stockhausen, I don’t have any confidential relationship there so I can speak as freely as I like.

But psychoanalysis is pertinent to any human expereince, so I’m not that worried about this aspect of the blog being neglected.