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Sophocles is alive and well and writing for the British tabloids

On January 11th covering

As evidenced by this story on twins separated at birth who discovered their familial bond after … marrying

UPDATE: It’s not just in the tabloids.

FURTHER UPDATE: If you were skeptical of this story from the beginning, you seem to have been right.

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Jan 17 at 17:44


Sophocles is also writing for House, MD; this was a storyline in the last season, except that the lovers were nextdoor neighbors who married without realizing that *his* father had also fathered *her* during an affair. It does speak to the arctypalness of the myth, though, that it persists,right? I think the brother-sister marriage is an old urban legend.

btw, Sophocles is now on strike from House, MD.

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