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Welcome Music Connection readers

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My article Leadership, Conflict & Teamwork: Building A Band To Go The Distance is now up on the Music Connection website. I’ve started getting some traffic from the article already.

Look for the special 30th anniversary issue on the newstand. I would be very pleased to hear from you. There is so much more to be said on the topic — this is just scratching the surface.

How will musicians make a living?

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These are interesting times. The musicians I talk to are all scratching for new ways to make a living. These anxieties filter into their daily lives and I hear about it constantly. So even though I am not remotely a player in the industry, I’ve become interested in the topic. As I wrote a few days ago, 1000 years of history shows this is not a new problem.

I personally believe that creative solutions are out there. One colorful and energetic, if intemperate, commentator is Bob Lefsetz, who delivers unbridled observations in his email letter. His take on the Aspen Live conference of industry muckymucks is posted on Seth Godin’s blog. I’d be interested in hearing what you think.

Oh, yeah, the psychoanalysis

On December 12th covering

I am writing more freely about the music world than the psychoanalytic world. There’s a reason for this. I spend my days doing psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, mostly, and when I have an observation to talk about I need to be enormously careful about sharing it in a way that doesn’t remotely compromise anyone’s privacy. And when I can’t be sure about this, I keep it under my hat. Whereas writing about Radiohead or Stockhausen, I don’t have any confidential relationship there so I can speak as freely as I like.

But psychoanalysis is pertinent to any human expereince, so I’m not that worried about this aspect of the blog being neglected.

The Radiohead pay-what-you-want deal, part 786

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This has been so commented upon, I’ve been afraid there’s nothing to add. The NYTimes has a follow-up piece today.

But I think it boils down to this: Radiohead treats it audience with some trust. It’s so easy to treat them as the enemy. If you treat your audience / fans / customers as the enemy, they will become your enemy.

Listening to Stockhausen

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In the round of online obituaries for the composer, I found this link to a site (thanks, The Standing Room and ANABlog) where you can listen to his Hymnen in its entirety. This is a big paperwork day and I’ve been listening on and off all day.

Never mind whatever you might think about Stockhausen being forbidding, difficult avante-garde classical music for the black-turtleneck crowd — think the Mike Myers SNL bit “Sprockets”

Just listen to it and you will hear sounds that are echoed all over our music culture, from the Beatles and Freak Out-era Zappa to other purveyors of gorgeous noise such as Sonic Youth and Radiohead, to all of the practitioners of sampling from early Steve Reich to Moby and beyond. This avante-garde vocabulary now conveys spooky atmospherics on film and video game soundtracks. If you’ve been awed by rich guitar feedback or the sound of an orchestra warming up, you can hear and enjoy this work. I’m struck by the warm analog-ness of the electronic sounds — he was using tools such as shortwave radio and ring modulators and manipulated tape. Read more »