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Terminology of music groups, con’t

On November 30th covering ,

Yesterday I wrote something about small groups we call “bands” vs. small groups we call “chamber music groups”. And today this video comes online. Spooky.

The link will take you to a heavy metal band fronted by a violinist and a cellist. Chamber metal?

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Ellen Olhsson

Dec 1 at 15:23


Interesting music, well played. Too bad the video was just bad makeup and cliches. I used to play electric violin in bands and it was often difficult to be taken seriously. This music should be, but this video won’t be. They need to find a videographer that matches their creativity.


Dec 1 at 17:55


I agree, Ellen. It’s too bad that violin is used as a novelty item in bands when it’s the most expressive instrument ever invented.

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