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Loooong hiatus

On October 29th covering ,

I’m reviving my blog in a new form after ten months of silence. I’ve copied the few posts I still like from the old location and I’m changing my approach. At the regional meeting of ISPSO, Annette Clancy asked me what happened my blog, which I kept up for a couple of months until it fell by the wayside. It was more than run-of-the-mill laziness and competing interests. It really made me uneasy in a way I couldn’t identify. I was blogging anonymously, or so I thought until a helpful commentator pointed out it was easy to discover my name. I felt it was important to do be anonymous until I found my way, but I also felt it was a bit cheesy and dishonest to comment on the world from a comfortable hiding place.

Annette’s question comes from her interest in the relative lack of psychoanalytic voices on the internet. I believe she is on to something. As a tribe, we tend to be keenly protective of the privacy of our patients. We avoid casual interactions with our patients that can clutter up the therapeutic relationship and deprive them of a full experience. We tend to be suspicious of exhibitionism.

This is all well and good, but the blogosphere is the agora — it’s the big conversational space in today’s world. Psychoanalysis has a great deal to offer and we need to pitch in and risk being challenged, criticized, and all the rest.

I also realized I felt restricted by speaking strictly as a clinician-psychoanalyst. I will be using this to explore some other interests and activities, including the psychology of organizations, of creative persons and teams in the arts and technology, and of music groups in particular. I’ll try to loosen up and comment on whatever seems interesting.

So — we’ll see.

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