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Dewey Beach Music Festival

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I’m at the Dewey Beach Music Festival in Dewey Beach, Delaware. I’ll be presenting tomorrow to musicians attending the conference.

It’s a nice conference, well worth attending. I like these regional music conferences. Earlier this year I was a panelist at the Hyperactive Music Festival in Albuquerque.

They are different in some important respects from psychoanalytic conferences. The dress code is a bit more casual, for one. The daytime is all business and after dinner it devolves into multi-venue pub crawl. Not for the faint of heart. I was impressed with the quality of young bands and artists trying to find an audience. These people are creating our culture.

It’s a little strange explaining my presence there. But the artists and groups that are most serious about going the distance understand my point — that I am here to help people understand the challenges of creating an organization that will carry them to their goal. And anyone who has tried to create a band or music group will tell you, it’s remarkably hard to do.

I have a hunch that a band is about the most primal kind of organization there is — next to a paleolithic hunting squad or hide-scraping circle — and there is much to learn from them. We’ll see if I’m right.

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Nov 9 at 23:43


Yay! welcome to the internet (again) I’m really looking forward to tracking your progress – consider yourself added to my blog roll!


Nov 11 at 21:04



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