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Since I listen all day to the anxieties of people, I’ve gotten an earful this week. And it’s only Tuesday. The mega-environment is becoming rough and uncertain. Money, especially money for new projects, is expected to be harder to come by, and a lot of things will become difficult.

Doing well in this climate will require psychologically resilient people and organizations — those with the capacity to resist despair, fear, and retreats into fantasy, to keep doing what needs to be done. Flexibility, an unfazed grasp of reality, persistence and patience will serve people well. (Sometimes it will require the flexibility to abandon projects that are checkmated and move on to something else with a minimum of handwringing). Groups that can manage discouragement and anxiety and support one another will do all right. Teams and groups who sink into finger-pointing when times are tough will not make it.

I think about the people I know who have artistic and business ventures underway. It will be harder to sustain a sunny you-can-acheive-your-dreams mindset. Maybe this is a good thing — some of that rah-hah stuff is annoying. I don’t mind a let’s-see-how-badly-you-want-it mindset.

I hate to admit it, but those mildewy cliches about the-tough-get-going and these-are-the-times-that-try-men’s-souls are true.

Hooray for interesting times. Keep in touch.

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