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100-day plan with Group 8020: going fast by going slowly

On September 28th covering ,

I hope this blogging project is of interest to anybody who is concerned, as I am, with processes of change: getting unstuck, finding a new direction, moving from dreaming-about to doing-something-about, overcoming unseen obstacles. So while it’s ostensibly just about my work with Mark Hollander’s 100-day plan, it touches on many universals. The really true things about human nature often have something paradoxical at their core. So here I find myself going quickly because the process required me to slow down at the beginning.

The project has gained a great sense of velocity, which is so interesting because where we started 49 days ago was by stopping a bunch of frantic activity that wasn’t getting me anywhere. For awhile the feeling was that I wasn’t doing enough. Now the experience is of a lot of pieces clicking into place. I wonder how this has come about.

The process has helped me become a lot more decisive about what I’m doing and more sure about what I’m trying to do. There is something very basic and powerful at work. I had already done a great deal of preparation — going back to the beginning of my career in the 80’s. But it didn’t have a sense of coherent forward motion. Now it does.

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