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Appallingly lame article on dreams in the Washington Post

On November 29th 1 Comment covering

My hometown paper published this article. Let me sum it up: the writer had an intriguing dream and he wondered if it had any meaning. He developed the point of view that, because he couldn’t discern any meaning in this dream or other dreams, they have none. This is a logical fallacy known as arguing from ignorance. This is commonly used by lazy art critics: “I don’t see the value in X, therefore X has no value”. Let X = hip-hop, or minimalism, or bebop and you’ll see what I mean. It’s less common to see this type of lazy thinking in the Health section. Read more »

New Look

On November 25th 1 Comment covering

Now I’m trying out the Sans Serif Racer WordPress Theme by Kaspars Dambis — a Latvian Physics Student among other things. Hi, Kaspars. Ain’t the web grand?

Musicians and Entrepreneurs

On November 22nd 2 Comments covering ,

I have noticed that musicians and entrepreneurs have a great deal in common psychologically. They have to believe in their eventual success, against all odds and sometimes contrary to all evidence. To become demoralized (for long, anyway) is to succumb to failure. They talk in very similar terms, and I think they are driven by the same sorts of angels and demons. They will often tell me about the excitement of creating something new — of going contrary to trends, of seeing things that other people don’t see and making new connections. Read more »

Your life in a Venn diagram

On November 13th 3 Comments covering


(thx, Christina, Mark, Maria, Diana) 


On November 12th covering

The look of this blog will be changing unpredictably for a while until I find a WordPress theme I really like. Do not be alarmed. It’s easy to find one that is perfect except for one unacceptable thing.