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I’ve been noticed by the mighty Peabody Contrabass mafia

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Thanks, Jeff. It’s funny how gratifying it is to get linked.

The Arts Addict

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This is a new blog by classical contrabassist Jason Heath. He has some well-thought-out observations on the musical life that musicians of any genre will be able to easily relate to. I like the series of essays that begins here. He offers his point of view on the psychology of the performer. One essay that I found valuable and unusual is this one on the satisfactions of section playing. It hints at one of the great things about playing music in a group, which is the diminished sense of individual ego and the gaining of a group ego, which can be exhilarating.

Music Connection Magazine

On November 15th covering ,

My article on the leadership dynamics of bands for the year-end issue of Music Connection Magazine is just about done. The issue will street on December 5 and be online about a week later.

Leaked Radiohead track?

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Sounding good, guys.

Stage fright & music genre

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I notice that rock musicians don’t like to admit to stage fright, while classical musicians, singers and actors often will.

Maybe it’s because the latter group has to go through the ritual of auditioning. Rock musicians are more willing to use alcohol or other party substances before (and during) a performance, while this doesn’t work so well in the classical world. Somehow the intense rhythmic interplay of a Bartok quartet loses something after that seventh shot of Jagermeister. Read more »