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Musicians and Entrepreneurs, part 2

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Here’s a blog post about business startups that has a lot to offer for people in performing groups. Go read it.

Appallingly lame article on dreams in the Washington Post

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My hometown paper published this article. Let me sum it up: the writer had an intriguing dream and he wondered if it had any meaning. He developed the point of view that, because he couldn’t discern any meaning in this dream or other dreams, they have none. This is a logical fallacy known as arguing from ignorance. This is commonly used by lazy art critics: “I don’t see the value in X, therefore X has no value”. Let X = hip-hop, or minimalism, or bebop and you’ll see what I mean. It’s less common to see this type of lazy thinking in the Health section. Read more »

I’ve been noticed by the mighty Peabody Contrabass mafia

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Thanks, Jeff. It’s funny how gratifying it is to get linked.

New Look

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Now I’m trying out the Sans Serif Racer WordPress Theme by Kaspars Dambis — a Latvian Physics Student among other things. Hi, Kaspars. Ain’t the web grand?

The Arts Addict

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This is a new blog by classical contrabassist Jason Heath. He has some well-thought-out observations on the musical life that musicians of any genre will be able to easily relate to. I like the series of essays that begins here. He offers his point of view on the psychology of the performer. One essay that I found valuable and unusual is this one on the satisfactions of section playing. It hints at one of the great things about playing music in a group, which is the diminished sense of individual ego and the gaining of a group ego, which can be exhilarating.