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Alteration of consciousness

On November 2nd covering

Note to self: write more short, amusing posts.

I don’t know how amusing this is, but I’ve noticed in the few days I’ve been working on this, that the (so-far mostly imaginary) readership of the blog has become a presence in my mind. I’m aware of thinking about what will amuse, interest, edify, and entertain this ghostly crowd. It’s rather pleasant. It’s subtly changed my reality.

It is a reminder that most relationships exist in the mind, most of the time. It is what allows human connections to have staying power. Your connections and relationships have the power to soothe and sustain you, even when these people are not physically present. These mental representations of relationships can also be a source of distress and disturbance.

This dimension of mental life is so pervasive that you have become a meaningful personage in my psyche, even though this blog has been up for, what, three days? And practically nobody knows about it yet, so you don’t technically …. exist.


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Nov 12 at 16:01


Mike – isn’t this exactly the same offline also? we have an imaginary (fantasy) presence in our heads of who we are talking to (hence the need for relationship therapists from time to time)…projection and transference are so much more visceral online – more visible in fact…

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