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musicians should read these 13 bits of wisdom about startups

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Bands and startups have a lot in common. I have been exploring this idea for a couple of years. I’ve been spending time talking to musicians and tech entrepreneurs.

I’ve been gestating a blog post on this idea — but it’s out of hand and it wants to be a book. I will try to be a good little blogger and offer my thoughts in little bites. This goes against my nature, but it’s a good discipline.

So for now: all you musicians, go read this post by the always-pithy startup guru, Paul Graham. He begins with one of his favorite ideas:

it’s better to make a few people really happy than to make a lot of people semi-happy.

Where it says “cofounder”, read “bandmate”. Where it says “user” read “fan”. Etc.

Get back to me with your reactions.

I’ll be saying more about this soon: Bands and startups have a lot in common.

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