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On October 31st

If you’ve been to Central Park, you’ve seen the massive stone formations. One way to see them is as simply big rocks distributed in the landscape. But they are outcroppings. If the tour guide on my sixth-grade class trip is to be trusted, they are places where the bedrock that underlies Manhattan is poking through the surface. The very bones of the city are visible. I was told that the rock is wonderfully dense schist, which is important to the city being what it is. If the underlying geology was river mud, there would be no way to support the buildings in NYC, not to mention the honeycomb of subway and utility tunnels. There’s a nicely detailed article about the geology here.

Viewing human nature though a psychoanalytic lens, we see many things as outcroppings of the unconscious: quirks, symptoms, dreams, odd connections, and creative solutions to life. All of these are opportunities to glimpse the deep structures that bear us up. We can’t know our unconscious directly, but we can take note of the outcroppings.

If this blog is able to point out some outcroppings in the daily avalanche of information, it will have succeeded.

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