Is this therapy?


Psychotherapy is remarkably valuable, but this is something else. We know the difference.

This is consultation — which means it’s not about your personal issues. We respect that most aspects of your private business don’t belong in the work.

Naturally, the personality characteristics of everyone are pertinent to the consultation. Everybody has a psychological makeup that has advantages and disadvantages. We like to help people make the most of their characteristics and quirks while avoiding the down-sides. We’re not hunting for individual pathology and dysfunction, even if we know what to do when we encounter it.

It’s a subtle line between the personal and the dimensions that affect everyone. We use tact and skill to manage this without being intrusive.

Dr. Jolkovski maintains a practice in clinical psychology and psychoanalysis, and sees musicians, managers, and others for personal therapy, but this is separate from Working Through.

If we are consulting to you or your group and you want personal psychotherapy, we will help you find a good referral elsewhere.