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Andrew Dubber and the Unconsultancy

On March 18th covering ,

Andrew Dubber is a smart fellow, a UK music-industry consultant and a source of keen insights. He’s been thinking about the problems of consulting to an industry where people are worried about putting gas in the van, as I have. He’s offering a model of consultation (in UK-Speak, “Consultancy”) modeled on the ramen-noodle-budget indie tour. He’s willing to travel like a student and couch-surf if he can put together a string of people who can pay him a bit here and there and feed him. Very much like a singer-songwriter doing a tour of house concerts and coffeeshops.He calls this “Unconsultancy” in the spirit of the UK “Unconventions

So I was thinking of ways to get to more interesting places, do more interesting things, and work with more interesting musicians and music industry people. Just generally find more ways to be helpful and see if I can make things better anywhere for anyone.

This is brilliant, and it sums up my attitude toward my work with music groups. Even if it’s a money-loser for Dubber, he can count it as a research expenditure. If the music industry ever finds a business model and the general economy improves, he will go into the new era with a deeper understanding of what makes and breaks music organizations at the very front lines of culture.

I hope his couch-surfing tour comes to the East Coast of the USA. I want to meet the guy.

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