Assessment of groups and individuals

There is nothing as practical as understanding what is going on.

A confidential assessment can be a time-limited service that stands on its own or the beginning of an intervention. It is an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of a group or an individual. The assessment process can be completed in a few days or a few weeks, depending on the urgency of the situation.

Assessment of a group

For a music ensemble or a creative team, assessment begins with an in-depth conversation with the entire group, with band members individually, and with others who are crucial to the success of the group. The end product is a reporting session with recommendations for action.

Here are some examples of groups and teams who benefit from this:

  • Groups in conflict or crisis: in turmoil, disagreement about goals or methods, demoralized, fragmented, unproductive or unable to commit
  • Groups going to the next level — whether this is obtaining funding, a recording contract, or a rapid expansion in exposure and income
  • Groups facing the departure or arrival of key members

The assessment includes discussion of the key areas of leadership, artistic vision, collaboration, decision-making, shared goals, and ability to productively manage disagreement and conflict.

We specialize in helping people say the things that are hard to say — and articulating the problems that are hard to define.

Assessment of an individual

For an individual, assessment begins with a confidential discussion with the person concerned, to clarify their goals and frustrations. We will talk to others who deal with this individual — offering the chance for these people speak anonymously and very frankly. This approach is the 360-degree assessment, and is enormously helpful in filling in blind spots. It can help people see what’s been holding them back.

The feedback session will be made to the individual and others if agreed upon ahead of time. We will make recommendations to the individual on how to make the most of their gifts while avoiding the pitfalls.

When the assessment is done

The consultation may be over. If we recommend some kind of intervention to address problems or to maximize some advantage, it marks a new phase of work with goals and boundaries to be agreed upon.