Michael Jolkovski, PhD

Mike Jolkovski is a psychoanalyst and clinical psychologist. He consults to performers and groups as well as those who manage and support them. He specializes in work with creative people in business, technology and the arts, with a special focus on musicians, hackers and entrepreneurs.

He is known for his ability to integrate knowledge and experience from widely different areas and communicate his understanding without jargon in a clear, practical, manner. He uses humor to make serious points in a vivid and memorable way.

He brings a unique combination of experiences to this task. His assessment skills as a psychologist help him rapidly reach the heart of the matter. His experiences as a musician and a partner in a group practice give him first-hand understanding of the pressures and conflicts his clients undergo. His training as a psychoanalyst, which he considers like a second PhD in scope, give him access to deep understanding that is shared by fewer than 5% of psychologists. And his training in the psychology of work, groups and businesses give him special insight into the tensions and pressures of music ensembles and creative teams.

Dr. Jolkovski earned his PhD in 1989 from Virginia Commonwealth University, which is also where he earned his Bachelor’s in Applied Music. He plays saxophone, flute, and clarinet, and is a former member of local 123 of the American Federation of Musicians. He completed his psychology internship at the University of Minnesota and a postdoctoral fellowship at Georgetown University. He was on staff at the Counseling Centers at George Mason University and American University, and is former Clinical Faculty at the George Washington University Center for Professional Psychology. He was a partner in the Winter Hill Psychotherapy and Consultation Center in Falls Church, VA.

He is a graduate of the psychoanalytic training program of the New York Freudian Society, where he is a member. He is a Fellow of the International Psychoanalytic Association and a Member of the American Psychoanalytic Association and the American Psychological Association, including Division 39 (Psychoanalysis) Division 10 (Arts Psychology) and Division 13 (Consulting Psychology). He is a member of the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations.

He has been interviewed as an expert by the New York Times, the Washington Post, Cosmopolitan and many regional newspapers. He has appeared on national Public Radio, the Donahue TV show and BBC radio.

He resides and practices in Falls Church, VA